The Cuckoo Clocks: Before The Dawn

3 thoughts on “The Cuckoo Clocks: Before The Dawn

  1. This is a deep lyric and an interesting video.

    If you don’t know the band, the video is confusing at first; who are these people?

    Which part of the lyric felt most important to you?

    For me it was: Give me the strength to be myself again!

    This is a fundamental message from from my teacher.

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    1. It’s a Sheffield based band and I was at their concert, it’s even more amazing life!
      I agree with your choice of most powerful lyrics from this song.
      For me, it’s also just Sheffield and what I miss in the old days gone by.
      But past is the past. Their music helps me though in the difficult times.
      All these people come from Sheffield.


      1. Oh thank you! … Attachments to old places… we all deal with such issues.

        I am reading a new book by Dena Merriam that deals extensively with old attachments to people. Past life attachments. This dynamic is very interesting to me. It reminds me of some friendships I made this lifetime. Very powerful emotions there!

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