My novel

Last year I sat down and wrote a book. It can be found in here.

In my book the main heroine is a 27 years renowned Russian pianist, that looks for her twin sister in a world affected by Covid. The book teaches us the power of human connections and that individual resilience is no longer enough. We all travel together in this life.

I wrote it in English, but the book’s heroine who tells the story, has a distinctive Russian voice. Elena tells us about the Russia of the oligarchs and how she was separated from her twin sister at the age of 8. The orphanage where she grew up lacked in kindness and compassion, and the heroine tells us how hard it is, when one’s personal trauma in life is delegated into a disorder to treat. Elena has a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

Elena is lucky to get a doctor who tries a trauma-approach on her. Trauma-approach in psychiatry can help the patients to recover from their psychiatric journey. We are all prone to become mad, and everything depends on who ends up treating the manifestation of human malaise. Are there some kind doctors left, I wonder, who see beyond the society of medical capitalism, where each extreme feeling can be labeled into a psychiatric disorder to treat?

I am quite optimistic in my novel, and I hope it can bring some hope to all those who have had a psychiatric experience, got diagnosed, and are stigmatized because they dared to be different or suffered from a deep trauma, that can’t be treated only by some pills.

I hope you will read my novel!

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